Guidance of Live Program︰
  Q1︰What do I need to watch live Program?
A1︰To view live Program, you need any internet-connected computer and an browser with Adobe Flash Player (free) installed. Your browser would automatically show you if
there is a need to download it. Please follow the intruscions to download and install.


  Q2︰What speed internet connection do I need to view on live Program?
A2︰A steaming connection is generally recommended, however you can view live program with at least 512kbps of download bandwidth.
Check http://www.speedtest.net to see if you have the necessary upload connection speed.


  Q3: Once you click on the date listed below, a small window would pop up with a title "Please login your nickname on live Program! (請輸入您的暱稱來參與本活動!) ", Just type in your nickname and click on "OK". Then You start to enjoy the program online!